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Randy Overacre Painting Company understands that interior painting requires a special level of care and attention to detail, our residential painters are dedticated to serve you. Our interior painting services include but are not limited to:

•  Drywall repair
•  Caulking and sealing of windows, doors and baseboards
•  Wallpaper removal
•  Painting with highest quality paints: Sherwin Williams, Duron, and Benjamin Moore
•  Thorough Clean-up of the job site
•  We Guarantee our work



•  Preparation for Residential Painting
A fresh coat of paint can change your entire living room! The right color can add light to your space in a dark room. Many people think interior residential painting is difficult and a potential mess, but with the right paint, a few helpful hints and the right painting company you CAN be your own interior decorator.

•  Interior Painting Preparation
Preparation is the key to doing a good interior paint job. The first item to take care of is to make sure the workspace has been cleared of furniture - you need to cover anything in the room to keep paint splatters off your furniture and belongings. Next, cover the floors with plastic to protect your tile, wood floor or carpet. Good prep work makes the painting go faster with less potential problems

•  Surface Checking and Repair
While painting can help to hide imperfections in sheetrock, paint cannot cover over dents in the wall or significant nail holes. Filling these holes, gaps or dents with spackling paste is easy to do, but makes the final paint job look that much better.
Survey the walls for cracked or loose sheetrock - these should be removed with an edger or a utility knife, then smoothed with spackling. Any spackling must be allowed to dry and sanded prior to painting.

•  Cleaning and Degreasing
Walls, ceilings, doors and trim must be clean prior to the application of paint. Stains and dirt need to be removed with a small amount of soap and a wet rag. Tougher stains might need to be cleaned and degreased - a solution of water and laundry detergent will usually take care of grease-type spots.

•  Getting the Right Paint
With so many options when purchasing paint it is easy to get lost in the paint aisle. First, get a good paint primer - this always helps the paint go on more smoothly and helps it adhere better to the sheetrock or wall surface. Decide how flat or glossy you want the surface to be. Flat paint better covers imperfections and any repair work you have done. The more gloss, the more your paint will hold up to scuffs and markings that pets and children tend to make, but the imperfections will show more.

Get the color you want!
It is YOUR house and you need to be happy with the colors. Friends and visitors will only be there for short amounts of time. You will be living there every day - you need to really like the colors of your rooms.



Deck Restoration


Randy Overacre Painting Company can restore most weathered wood decks to like new condition. We can also provide routine maintenance to your deck to improve its appearance and extend its life. Typical deck restoration projects can include the following services.

•  Pressure Washing
•  Sanding
•  Sealing
•  Staining
•  Refinishing

Pressure Washing


Your home is most likely your most prized possession. Maintaining the up-keep is the best way to enhance the beauty and value of that investment. Unfortunately, aluminum and vinyl siding collect dirt and debris and do weather over a period of time. Pressure washing is the most efficient method to get rid of the surface dirt, faded paint, mold, mildew and any other materials that might collect on your siding. Pressure washing is also the best method to prepare your home for painting.

If you are planning to sell your home and hope to sell your home rather quickly, plan to have it pressure washed and looking its best.

Our cleaning products are environmentally safe and bio-degradable to assure that the environment is safe guarded. Our products are specifically designed to effectively clean exterior surfaces. This assures that the surface of your home is cleaned thoroughly.

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